UTM Paleolab Group

Graduate students

Mickey Chen

PhD (2021-pres)

PhD research: Response of the paleo-fire regime in NW Canada to ecological and climatological change during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition.

Gerard Otiniano

PhD (2018-pres)

MSc (2016-2018)

PhD research: Proxy Development and Late Cenozoic Climate Reconstructions in Sub-Arctic and Arctic Regions

Publications: Otiniano et al. (2020). Late Miocene to Late Pleistocene reconstruction of precipitation isotopes and climate in NW Canada and Alaska. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35, doi:10.1029/2019PA003791.

Rhys Buceta

MSc (2019-pres)

MSc research: Calibration of the brGDGT biomarker proxy in northern boreal soils, and reconstruction of Last Glacial Maximum climate conditions in eastern Beringia.

Samuel Beaulieu

MSc (2019-pres)

MSc research: A 913-year blue intensity tree-ring record of summer temperatures in the Mackenzie Delta region, NWT

UTM Paleolab alumni

Jhannelle Francis

Research Assistant (2019-2020)

Research: Organic geochemistry, fossil leaf wax extraction

Brishna Stanikzai

Research Assistant (2019-2020)

Research: Sub-fossil tree-ring dating of white spruce trees in the Mackenzie Delta

Kristin Eccles

PDF (2019-2020)

Publications: Eccles et al. (2020). Tree-ring mercury record in Old Crow, Yukon, Canada. ACS Earth & Space Chemistry.

Kira Holland

MSc (2017-2019)

Publications: Holland et al. (2020). Ice-wedge evidence of Holocene winter warming in the Canadian Arctic. Geophys. Res. Lett. 47(12).

Aleesha Bakkelund

MSc (2016-2018)

Publications: Bakkelund et al (2018). Net fractionation of hydrogen isotopes in n-alkanoic acids from soils in the northern boreal forest. Org. Geochem. 125: 1-13.

Sydney Clackett

MSc (2015-2017)


Clackett et al. (2021). The tree-ring mercury record of Klondike gold mining at Bear Creek, central Yukon. Environ. Pollution.

Clackett et al. (2018). A 400 yr record of atmospheric Hg in tree-rings in NW Canada. ES&T 52: 9625-9633.